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                                                                      Founded in 1973

As a breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers are pretty healthy, and responsible Stafford breeders strive to continue and improve on that.  

Please take a look at the links provided for more information about the conditions highlighted and if you are hoping to buy a Stafford puppy or planning to breed from your dog or bitch there is absolutely NO excuse for not following the minimum health advice of using the DNA tests for

HC and L-2-HGA and clinical eye screening for PHPV and PPSC

This video shows Newton, a SBT diagnosed with the neurological condition L-2-HGA.  It is incurable and also hereditary.  Anyone breeding from their dog should ensure they know the genetic status of the breeding pair to avoid producing affected pups.  You can find out more about the disease and also about DNA testing on the Animal Health Trust website

If you use Facebook check out this group - SBT Health - for lots of helath related information and advice